Meet Lars, Your AI Marketing Guy

Lars helps founders and marketers develop marketing strategies and generate actionable growth ideas in minutes.

What can Lars do for you?

Create customer profiles

Create customer profiles

Generate detailed buyer personas with demographics, attitudes and behaviours.

Define your positioning

Refine your positioning

Craft a compelling positioning and key messages to differentiate from alternatives.

Generate marketing ideas

Generate marketing ideas

Come up with actionable ideas and an execution plan to grow your business.

Hear what others say

"Wow, super impressed! Got the customer profile pretty spot on, and the marketing plan is pretty much what we're doing right now."

Navin Peiris @navinpeiris

"That's so good! You should totally launch it."

My wife

"I don't even have a business, yet Lars makes me want to start one."

No one, yet


Onur Ozer

Hi, I'm Onur, a marketer turned bootstrapper.

After years of working with founders and marketers, I noticed that most marketing initiatives fail not because of bad execution, but because of a lack of focus.

That's why I built Lars - to help founders and marketers gain clarity on their target audience, sharpen their focus and come up with creative ideas to stand out from the crowd.

I hope you'll find it helpful.

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